Creating Bot with Bot Builder (3 of 5)

Link to Other Blogs of this Series.

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework.
  2. How to create a bot with Bot Service. 
  3. How to create a bot with Bot Builder.  (this post)
  4. How to register a bot with Bot Service. (Coming Soon)
  5. How to create Functions Bot. (Coming Soon)

Microsoft provides a Bot Builder SDK and tools to create and debug BOT.  Preferably Microsoft offers  C# and Node.js SDK and if you want to create using some third language you can always use REST APIs of Microsoft BOT Framework.  Not only this Bot Builder SDK also includes the Bot Framework Emulator which is very helpful for testing your bots and then it also includes Channel Inspector to preview your bot’s user experience on different channels.



Here is the GitHub Repository of above Source Code.



Microsoft Bot Framework Documentation.

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