DevOps Tools

Build automation tools: These tools automate the process of creating a software build, compiling source code, and packaging the code.

(image source : Continuous delivery tool landscape · James Bowman)

Some build automation tools are:

• Apache Maven ( download.cgi)

• Apache Ant ( bindownload.cgi)

• Boot (

• Gradle (

• Grunt (

• MSBuild ( download/details.aspx?id=48159)

• Waf (

Continuous Integration tools: These tools create builds and run tests automatically when the code changes are checked in to the central repository.

Some Continuous Integration tools are:

• Bamboo ( bamboo/download)

• Buildbot (

• Hudson (

• TeamCity (

Testing tools: These tools automate the testing process. These tools help organizations achieve configuration and delivery management needs in a specified time frame.

Here are commonly used testing tools :

• Selenium (

• Watir (

• Wapt (

• Apache JMeter (

• QTest ( qascom)

Version control system: This is a configuration management system that takes care of all the changes made to documents, codes, files, etc.

Here are commonly used version control systems :

• Subversion (

• Team Foundation Server (TFS) (https://www.

• GIT (

• Mercurial (

• Perforce (

Code review tools: These tools help organizations improve the quality of their code.

Hare are some code review tools :

• Crucible (

• Gerrit (

• GitHub (

• Bitbucket Server ( software/bitbucket/server)

Continuous Delivery/release management tools: These tools automate the process of building and testing code changes for release to production.

Some of such tools are:

• XL Release ( xl- release)

• ElectricFlow ( products/electricflow)

• Serena Release (

• Octopus Deploy (

All-in-one platforms:

These tools combine the functionalities of above listed tools.

Here are some of such tools which offers all functionality under one umbrella.

• ProductionMap (http://www.productionmap. com)

• Jenkins (

• Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) (

• AWS CodePipeline (

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