Introduction to Azure Machine Learning (3 days)

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning (3 days)

A. Azure ML Studio Introduction (1 day)

  1. Introduction to Data Science & Machine Learning
  2. Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
  3. Applications and Examples
  4. Getting Started with Azure Tools
  5. Azure Machine Learning Studio
  6. Components of an Experiment
  7. Confusion Matrix Overview
  8. Exporting Dataset
  9. Uploading Dataset

B. Developing Models in Azure ML Studio (1 day)

  1. Getting started with Developing Models
  2. Classification techniques
  3. KNN, Decision Trees & random Forest
  4. SVM
  5. Anomaly Detection
  6. Creating Model to Predict Prices of Car
  7. Creating Model to Predict Prices of House
  8. Hosting a Model as Web Service.

C. Predictive Analytics with Azure

  1. Scoring the model
  2. Designing a predictive analysis solution with Azure ML
  3. Using Python Modules
  4. Using R Modules
  5. Text Analysis with Azure ML
  6. Using SQL Server
  7. Using SQL Data Warehouse
  8. Using Hadoop Clusters
  9. Azure ML API Service
  10. Extensibility Scenarios
  11. Publishing the Azure application on Azure Marketplace